A small picture of me

Graduated from INSA de Lyon Computer Science department in June 2006, I am currently a LibreOffice "hacker" for SUSE. I started hacking around OpenOffice.org on extensions and making life easier for extensions developers with OOEclipse plugins and I co-organized the OOoCon 2006 in Lyon. Now I'm handling Google Summer of Code administrative tasks for LibreOffice and I'm hacking mostly on Writer and CMIS-related topics.

Of course I am what is generally called a Geek, but not only. Computer science doesn't prevent me (too much) to have a "normal" life, being a Christian and having a life with my wife and two daughters.

This blog will help me to share my knowledge on technical points I will have to deal with, my thoughts and the projects I am working on. I hope this will be useful to some of you at least.

You can contact me using one of the following ways:

  • Jabber: cbosdonnat@im.apinc.org
  • E-Mail: cedric DOT bosdonnat AT free DOT fr