Only 7 days before the end of the first period of the Alfresco Webscript contest. Alfresco has launched a context to stimulate the creation of nice and useful webscripts from the community. You can read the Alfresco contest page to get more informations on this context.

During my previous missions an Alfresco, customers often complains that there is no tool to easily view the permissions of a given user. In the Alfresco web client, the administrator has to navigate to the space or document, look for the permissions and possibily needs to look at the permissions set on the parent spaces. I submitted a webscript for this problem to the contest. This Alfresco WebScript shows all the permissions of the selected user on the content. If you click on the permissions summary you even have all the roles set for the user.

Here is a screenshot of the webscript:

Admin webscript screenshot

The WebScript module can be downloaded from here: