A colleague of mine kindly opened me an access to one of his machines using the NX Client from nomachine.com. It works nicely, but I had some troubles to get Gnome speak something else that the default language of the machine (Czech). I tried various solutions including the definition of .dmrc file setting the language to the fr_FR.UTF-8 locale... but nothing changed the language. I finally found a solution that I'm writing it here to avoid forgetting it; it may also help a few persons as well.

The solution is composed of two steps:

  1. Create a small script on the remote machine to launch gnome in the desired language
  2. Change the command to run by NX Client on the local machine

The launch script

Here is the script I wrote on the remote machine, this is the \~/bin/gnome-fr file:

export LANG=fr_FR.UTF8
/usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session

The NX client configuration

Set the Desktop configuration to Custom instead of Gnome and click on the Settings... button.

  • Choose the option Run the following command
  • Input the path to your script file, in my case: \~/bin/gnome-fr
  • Choose the New virtual desktop option in the bottom part of the dialog

Here is a screenshot to better understand this configuration:

NX Client configuration

NX Client configuration