At SUSE, we recently had a Hackweek. It’s one week for all developers employed by SUSE to hack on any innovative open source project they want. Last years, I worked on libcmis and libcmis-c. And this year, I started implementing a GVFS backend for CMIS using libcmis-c. GVFS is the one of the low-level layers of GNOME to access files. A backend is a set of features like mount, unmount, read a document, writ a document, navigate in folders, etc. Currently GVFS has backends for FTP, SSH, WebDAV, Trash, Audio CDs, and quite a lot of other useful things. Having a CMIS backend would allow any Gnome application to access documents stored on a CMIS-enabled server.

What I achieved in one week:

  • mount and unmount a CMIS repository
  • read a document
  • provide the content of the folders and repositories
  • provide some of the CMIS properties

To have a complete backend to upstream, I will need to implement:

  • creating / writing files
  • deleting / moving items
  • creating folders
  • setting properties

The code can be found on a gvfs git clone in my freedesktop home. I want to thank the Gnome hackers who kindly answered my beginner questions during this week.