You may remember that I have started my first CWS some times ago to upstream my docx import changes. I had to quickly rebase it to dev300-m56 as the 3.2 feature freeze is nearing and the QA of a CWS could take quite some time. After a hard time working on that rebase, I uncovered a serious issue: any docx containing a picture or a shape make OOo crash on import. It turns out that Kendy has already reported that issue (i104155). This is clearly a regression from the upstream.

How does it comes QA didn't uncover this enormous regression?

As a developer I have some sample documents to test the features I am improving and I open each of these documents to check if everything goes nicely. When doing the QA of big changes like those ones, a set of OOXML documents should be used to test potential regressions. This has apparently not been done this time. How does it come that no Docx document with a picture or a shape in it has been loaded during the QA of a CWS changing the import of OOXML shapes?

I don't blame the developer introducing the regression here as this can happen to any one of us... but the way the QA is done!