For some time, I have been working on one of your comments on the Eclipse integration: I am making it work with 3.0 and its SDK. In the same time, I have found some problems with the UNO types browser. I have started to fix them and improve the bootstrapping system from Eclipse.

  1. The Eclipse integration will now be able to bootstrap 2.x or 3.0 with some custom classloader instead of running a small Java application and reading its output. This will improve the stability of the UNO types provider. I won't explain this custom classloader system here, but it will certainly be the topic of a next post.
  2. The fetched UNO types will be stored in a cache on the Eclipse side. The user will be able to refresh this cache. This improvement will increase the speed to display the UNO types selection list: the UNO types don't change so often.

Among the other points I would like to improve is the build system. It is yet depending on the Eclipse integration and I would like to extract the necessary code for the manifest generation and provide some ant scripts generating a package from the project sources.

As I am working on the Eclipse integration during my spare time now, I have no time to fix some important bugs on the COOoder extension. I hope you will understand the timing issue...