Recently, I wanted to build OOo with some features like canvas support. As I had some errors when building the canvas module, ericb2 told me that I should get the canvas05 CWSCWS: Child Work Space and build with it. As I didn't know how to do it, Eric explained it on channel. Here is a condensed version of what Eric explained on IRC for people who'ld like to check out a CWS.

Getting informations on the CWS

The first thing to do is to get some informations about the desired CWS. For this, search the wanted CWS in EIS. A search by the CWS name will do the trick here as we know it: canvas05. Click on the CWS name in the search results and then on the All link to see all the CWS informations.

In our case, the useful informations are:

  • the current milestone, which is the milestone against which to build the CWS. Here the milestone for canvas05 is m9
  • the list of the CVS modules changed by the CWS. Here these are: basecmp, basegfx, canvas, comphelper, cppcanvas, goodies, offapi, officecfg, offuh, scp2, sd, sdext, slideshow, scx, testshl2, tools, unoil, vcl
  • the MWSMWS: Master Work Space of the CWS' creation. Here it's SRC680

Getting the sources

First, be sure to have the sources of the correct milestone. If not, check them out using the following command. For more informations on how to access the CVS, read this page. In this command, DEV300 is the MWS and m9 the milestone of the desired version. Before executing this command, be sure to have set the CVSROOT environment variable.

cvs -z4 co -r DEV300_m9 OpenOffice3

Now that the sources are checked out, it's time to check out the sources of the CWS. To do this, use a shell command (Windows users, can use it with Cygwin or can translate it) like the following. In this command:

  • the list of the for loop is the list of the changed modules for the CWS
  • the tag to extract is build using the MWS of the CWS creation and the CWS name

    :::sh for i in basebmp basegfx canvas comphelper cppcanvas goodies offapi officecfg offuh scp2 sd sdext slideshow svx testshl2 tools unoil vcl do mv $i $i"_old" cvs -z4 co -r cws_src680_canvas05 $i done

After this, there is "only" to build with the CWS.