GSoc 2010 LogoEnd of september: it's time for Go-oo GSoc 2010 wrap-up. This term again, 6 students have been working hard during their summer holidays to improve Go-oo. This year, the students needed to get rid of the building problem before applying. That tiny exercise helped us a lot to chose motivated students: all of them managed to accomplish their task. The only drawback we had with a project was mostly our fault (I mean the mentors): nobody was really comfortable with that part of the code and the student lost quite some time to try to understand it.

The completed projects are:

  • New and improved RTF export filter by Miklos Vajna (the code)
  • Maths editor improvements by Jonas Jensen (the code)
  • Maths object baseline aligment by Michal Spisiak (the code)
  • Add effects to styles by Larisa Raicevic (the code)
  • Connect the gallery with OpenClipart by Tijana Milijanovic (the code)
  • Calc usability improvements by Thomas Dziedzic (the code)

This was my second year as mentor, and first year as organization admin. We had really brilliant students this year and two of them, Jonas and Miklos will even join us at openSUSE conferences in Nürnberg to present their work. This year we have a lot of code that can be almost directly be integrated to Go-oo builds. My biggest concern now is how to make students continue to contribute after the end of GSoc term...

I owe many thanks to all our students, but also to all the mentors who did a great job as well (Eric, Fridrich, Kendy, Kohei,Radek and Thorsten). I would like to thank Google for allowing us to participate in the Summer of Code for the second year.