This week was hackweek 12 at SUSE. I decided to do whatever was needed to get the open build service (aka OBS) able to create virt-builder images repositories. OBS is already able to create VM images using kiwi, but it is not able to generate the signed index file and publish the compressed images.

I owe many thanks to Adrian for setting me on the right tracks to get this done. In short, there are two pieces needed to reach the goal:

  • a kiwi hook script running after the kiwi build. How to do this is largely described in the containment-rpm README.
  • a patch for the bs_publisher script to create the index from the parts generated for each image, sign it and publish it together with the compressed images.

So far a project is ready in openSUSE's build service in the home:cbosdonnat:Builder project. It only waits for the PR#909 to land on this instance of OBS.

With this, I hope we will soon be able to provide official openSUSE images for our openSUSE virt-builder users.