Libcmis 0.3.0 just hatched and will bring a whole lot of change to the way you connect to your ECM. Here is are the cool new features that were added in this version:

  • WebService binding is implemented at the same level than the Atom binding
  • The session factory has been improved to auto-guess the binding to use based on the provided URL
  • libcmis-c provides a C wrapper API - Thanks to SUSE hackweek
  • Object move method has been implemented - Thanks to Grau Data
  • Versions handling has been implemented with the checkOut, checkIn, cancelCheckout and getAllVersions methods

This new version of libcmis also comes with quite some fixes to support XCMIS and Cloudoku (thanks to GrauData) and SharePoint.

You can download libcmis 0.3.0 on as usual, or get it for your beloved openSUSE on