After quite a long time alternating intensive hacking and inactivity, libcmis 0.4.0 is finally out and brings quite a number of great new features. The hightlight of this release is of course the introduction of the Google Drive protocol as a CMIS binding by Cao Cuong Ngo for his Google Summer of Code project with LibreOffice. This allows to connect to your Google Drive documents in the same way than with any CMIS server.

However there are quite some other important improvements:

  • Support for OAuth2 authentication for the CMIS servers. This allows libcmis to connect to Alfresco cloud. Most of this feature comes from Cao Cuong Ngo's work.
  • Allow to provide custom HTTP proxy configuration.
  • Handle invalid SSL certificates instead of simply failing them. This feature depends if libcurl was built with OpenSSL or not.
  • Provide repository capabilities
  • Implement renditions support

And it's not a feature, but a great improvements from libcmis hackers: I removed the Atom binding unit tests depending on Apache Chemistry InMemory server and switched them to a unit test framework using a libcurl mockup. It heavily reduced the unit test execution time, but the WebService binding unit test still have to be migrated to completely get rid of the InMemory server.

You can download libcmis 0.4.0 on as usual. The package for openSUSE will shortly available on