Gsoc 2011 logoI just have filed the form for LibreOffice to be part of the next edition of Google Summer or Code. The list of the selected organizations will be out on March 18th. This will be a nice adventure to help us improve our mentoring skill and help students getting introduced to an open source community. All the details of the application are available on the GSoc wiki page.

Last year, with Go-oo we found very useful to ask the students to solve some easy hacking exercise as it forces them to build before the coding period. It also allows us to evaluate their capabilities to interact with the developers, read code and provide a clear patch. This year we are asking for some hacking proof to select the students, but not on the basis of an exercise. We simply want the student to fix one of the bugs marked as EasyHacks in our bugzilla: this will be more useful than switching shortcuts!

The page listing the ideas has just been created with last year's remaining ideas. Feel free to add your ideas here, but don't forget that they will need to fit in a summer for students. Code pointers or links to useful documents would be really nice to help students understand your ideas. Once you added an idea, please notify the development mailing list about it.