As I have been tired to have to navigate to the issues query page on either OOo IssueZilla or Novell Bugzilla when I have a comment like #iXXXX#, I wrote a small Vim function to do it for me. Here is the script I have added to my .vimrc.

" Open IssueZilla / Bugzilla for the selected issue
function! OpenIssue( )

    let s:browser = "firefox"

    let s:wordUnderCursor = expand("")
    let s:urlTemplate = ""
    let s:pattern = "\\(\\a\\+\\)\\(\\d\\+\\)"

    let s:prefix = substitute( s:wordUnderCursor, s:pattern, "\\1", "" )
    let s:id = substitute( s:wordUnderCursor, s:pattern, "\\2", "" )

    if s:prefix == "i"
        let s:urlTemplate = ""
    elseif s:prefix == "n"
        let s:urlTemplate = ""

    if s:urlTemplate != ""
        let s:url = substitute( s:urlTemplate, "%", s:id, "g" )
        let s:cmd = "silent !" . s:browser . " " . s:url . "&"
        execute s:cmd

map   :call OpenIssue()

To run the script, place the cursor on a word in the form iXXXXX or nXXXXX and hit Ctrl-i. you will certainly need to tweak to script if you which to add other shortcuts or use another browser. Of course, this is not cross-platform and could be much more configurable. If you have some improvements in this area, please propose them! Many thanks to this Vim tip which helped me a lot to write this script.