After a long time waiting for it, a new version of the Eclipse Integration has just been released. There are important new features and the existing wizards have been modified for a better user experience. Just report to the relase notes below for more details.


For fresh installations or updates, please use this update site from your Eclipse installation:

Release notes

  • Integration of the uno-skeletonmaker tool. The component wizard now creates the basic implementation code for you: you only have to concentrate on your code.
  • UNO package export wizard: this wizard build your code and package it properly for use as an extension. The wizard even proposes to deploy the freshly created extension on your instance.
  • Tools for the creation of URE applications. This includes a wizard generating the skeleton of the application, the support of a new launch configuration to run the application easily from Eclipse.
  • The component creation wizard now let you define your own interface for your service
  • The interface configuration page in both interface and component wizards let you define the interface methods and properties
  • Of course, the on-line documentation has been update to the new features. However a new URE application tutorial has been added as well as a document to help new developers to get introduced to the integration development.