Yesterday, virt-bootstrap came to life. This tool aims at simplifying the creation of root file systems for use with libvirt's LXC container drivers. I started prototyping it a few months ago and Radostin Stoyanov wonderfully took it over during this year's Google Summer of Code.

For most users, this tool will just be used by virt-manager (since version 1.4.2). But it can be used directly from any script or command line.

The nice thing about virt-bootstrap is that will allow you to create a root file system out of existing docker images, tarballs or virt-builder templates. For example, the following command will get and unpack the official openSUSE docker image in /tmp/foo.

$ virt-bootstrap docker://opensuse /tmp/foo

Virt-bootstrap offers options to:

  • generate qcow2 image with backing chain instead of plain folder
  • apply user / group ID mapping
  • set the root password in the container

Enjoy easy containers creation with libvirt ecosystem, and have fun!