During my Summer I was selected in the Google Summer of Code to produce a Eclipse plugin that will help OpenOffice.org developpers in their task. This project is very wide and could be expanded with a lot of new features.

The initial goal is to provide a tool for new OOo developpers, with code generation, UNOIDL syntax highlighting, OpenOffice.org or URE and SDK configuration and of course many creation wizards. At this point, there are a few basic features added, however there is still many work to do.

Where to find it ?

You can find the sources on the OpenOffice.org api project CVS, module ooeclipseintegration. I am trying to build an update site on my own website... but it is still under construction. The plugin archive can be found in the build directory. Let me know if your feelings about this piece of work, but do never forget that it has to be continued.