First I wish you a happy new year intensively hacking open source projects (mostly LibreOffice I hope). This is a nice occasion to show you what happened in 2010 on the LibreOffice development front. I ran again gource on the git logs again to create a new video showing the activity around the source code in 2010, and this time I managed to add some sound... thought not easily.

The recipe to create to video:

  • I reused the python script I did last time to merge all git repos
  • To extract the video from gource I used a desktop recorder: the quality was much better
  • I spent time to find a music on Jamendo
  • OpenShot helped the newbie that I am to edit the final video

LibreOffice development in 2010 from Cédric Bosdonnat on Vimeo.

It's great to see so many people helping LibreOffice to live...