Even if I'm working on Alfresco projects for a little bit more than one year, I haven't posted any message on this development adventure. Today will be the first post on that topic but maybe not the only one.

To get introduced to Alfresco development it takes quite a long time because of the numerous extension points and concepts to learn. A good starting point is to read the Developers guide on the wiki. However, unlike many other internet resources you will need to read it quite sequentially if you want to understand everything... otherwise you will be told about Data Dictionary and Model and you won't know what it is (this is an example).

There are several ways to extend Alfresco. The following ones are some examples:

  • Extend or customize the Web Client using JSF development or Alfresco actions creation
  • Create jBPM workflows, Javascript automated rules, Java behaviour policies
  • Extend the existing Data Model to match your needs
  • Extend the Alfresco Core using Spring beans
  • Extend the remote API using WebScripts and defining your own REST API

I will certainly detail some interesting development points or existing Alfresco extensions in next posts: stay tuned...