I had a look at Lotus Symphony Beta 4 last week and I'm having a lot of doubts after that. The main difference between Lotus Symphony Beta 4 and the previous versions is that it comes with an SDK. Symphony extensions will be based on Eclipse plugins' system, not on OXT files like OpenOffice.org. The SDK will of course be based on Eclipse, but as the extension system is completely different the Eclipse Integration will be of no use for the Lotus Symphony developers.

The main problem here is that I have no time to develop the Eclipse integration during my spare time anymore and I doubt that Sun will help developing an Eclipse plugin. As there is an engineer working at full time on the Netbeans integration at Sun, the Eclipse integration has much less features and will certainly not be used.

This message is quite an official announcement: I stop working on the Eclipse integration as long as there is nobody to help developing it. This help could be either financial by paying me doing it or simply by providing time to somebody else to work on it.

Leaving the Eclipse integration in such a state is quite hard for me after almost 3 years working on it... I really hope there will be a way to continue its development.