Some times ago I have written a post about an extension to present code snippets in OOo with syntax highlighting. You may thing that this project is forgotten... but I'm writing here to tell the contrary: I'm coding it when I have some time between work and social life, that is to say slowly.

The GeSHi engine is now almost completely ported to I only need to add the support for the case insensitivity. However I'm not providing anthing yet because there are a few things that are still missing:

  • Proper language definition files in XML support. The current tests are done with a code snippet mixing several languages with a hard coded language definition. The next step is to define an XML schema for the language definition files and make the language service read it.
  • A tool converting the GeSHi configuration files into the XML language definition files.
  • The automated creation of the styles from the language definition during thhe syntax highlighting. The styles are currently used but manually defined.
  • A GUI to apply the syntax highlighting.

I will provide some dev snapshot of the extension when it will be usable even if you have to configure some things manually. However I can't promise any date... this will completely depend on my available time and mood. Stay tuned...