The Wordpress statistic plugin provides me some interesting informations on what you are doing on my blog. As these may be of interest for you too, here are some comments on them.

Firs of all, the top visiting day on this blog as been set a few days ago: the best score is now 124 visits for the day. But what it more interesting is what kind of article you are reading.

Thanks to Wordpress stats plugins and I have produced the following chart showing what category of article have been mostly read during the last 30 days.

Categories for the last 30 days

At first sight it seems that articles are the most read ones. However Alfresco articles seems to be more and more interesting to you as they are already 30% of the visits after only 3 months of posts. The top 10 articles can also show what is interesting you more precisely.

Post title Visits & Eclipse 251
Using webscripts to extend Alfresco Web 101
Getting an OOo CWS 44
Generating UML diagrams from Java code 40
Marriage as a Christian (fr) 34
Who's using my Alfresco? 32
Albums (dropped) 31
o.r.i.g.i.n.a.l. plugin for wordpress (dropped) 30
uno-skeletonmaker and multiple services 24
[Toggle Alfresco in a read-only mode][8] 19

The good news here are that the Eclipse integration page is the most visited page: it makes me hope that their are some people using it. This is quite comforting to know that this work might not be completely lost in the abyss of the forgotten projects.

The next good news is that Alfresco Webscripts sounds interesting. I'll try to post a little bit more on what I'm doing with them and what you could do. As I already mentionned it above, Alfresco topic seems really hot, because 3 recent Alfresco posts are already in the top ten...

Last but not least, the great surprise to me is the number of persons visiting my page on the christian wedding. I didn't even expect it to be read by other people than friends... this is really good to see that there are still persons considering this way of life. Should I translate this page in english? As I didn't want to do it at the beginning, leave me some comments if you would like to see it translated. Of course, you may offer your help to translate it too!