Laurent asked me quite a good question this afternoon: should we add some comment in IssueZilla to indicate that a bug has been fixed in LibreOffice? It's pretty obvious to me that it's politically incorrect to do that... but we can extract the bug numbers from the LibreOffice git logs. First I started with some simple shell script to generate the list of the bug numbers, then I created my first GreaseMonkey script to change the IZ page for these bugs.

  • The script to extract the bug numbers is running from times to times and the result put on the web. The end user doesn't need it, but only that the result is at the expected place.
  • The GreaseMonkey script can be found on You need to install GreaseMonkey Firefox extension and then this script: that's the one actually doing the job.

The only thing now to make it reliable is that developpers need to add the number of the fixed bugs in they git commit messages like i#12345.

For those how want to see what it looks like before installing, here is a sample result in IssueZilla.

Preview of LibreOffice hack on IZ

I owe many thanks to the authors of that nice GreaseMonkey Getting started tutorial.

EDIT: The script now shows also the bugs formatted in the #i12345# way and the commits from that are merged into LibreOffice.