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As you might have seen, I had some problems with my old dokuwiki. Thus I have decided to use something else: and I found WordPress. There was a quite long time where this site was unavailable for me to install WordPress and some util plugins. The content of the old ...

Uno IDL syntax highlighting in PHP

Uno IDL is the component specification language of Here is a solution to show some highlighted Uno IDL code. It uses GeSHi and you need to add a language file describing how to parse and colorize you Uno IDL code. As this language file doesn't exist I ...

OOEclipseIntegration release 1.0.3.a

A new release is available on the usual update site.

It mainly contains fixes for windows version as some code cleaning. This version warns the user that white spaces in the SDK or project paths may lead to problems of builds. This problem is due to some bugs of the ...

OOoEclipseIntegration release 1.0.3

I'm glad to announce that 1.0.3 release of the OOoEclipseIntegration plugin is out. Here are the changes:

  • Basic URE support
  • User documentation
  • Developer documentation: Javadoc API completed and “howto extend” tutorial
  • Moving the language specific code into a new plugin
  • Ant scripts to automate the update site ...

UNO-IDL types introspection in Java

Since the beginning of the Google Summer of Code 2005 when I started the Eclipse Integration project, I wanted to provide a code completion feature for UNO-IDL. At the beginning I thought at a huge mecanism using IDL parsers to fetch the informations. However, I investigate a bit ...

Handling GStreamer throught UNO

Big news, I have a first working version of an UNO component to handle GStreamer from UNO code. This will allow using gstreamer features within UNO framework such as macro but also Java, c++ or pyUNO programs.

This component has many advantages for it uses a free multimedia ...

Creating an URE application in C++

I just have finished to write a tutorial on how to create a simple C++ application based on the URE. This paper is written for URE and UNO beginners and might be missing some important informations.

I would really appreciate every return to modify this tutorial and make it better ...

OOEclipse Integration isn't dead

A new version

I have released a new version (1.0.1) of the Eclipse plugin to support development. Here are the changes from the previous release:

  • a new UNO-IDL interface wizard
  • the new UNO project wizard was extended with the new service wizard as a second page ...