LibreOffice can now reach CMIS servers through HTTPS

LibreOffice CMIS server connection feature suffered a severe disease since the begining: it was not able to connect to servers using HTTPS. First a workaround was added for invalid certificates, but the problem also existed for valid ones as described by fdo#72277.

After several months of inactivity, I finally …

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Migrating an LXC container to libvirt lxc

I am now working on libvirt and the tools gravitating around it for almost a year and still haven't blogged about anything related to it. As a first post on virtualization, I'll tell you how to migrate your LXC container to use the libvirt goodness.

In order to achieve the …

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CMIS changes merged in master

I just rebased the feature/cmis branch hosting Cuong's great work and some other interesting improvements of the existing CMIS feature. Concretely, this means that with master builds you can now:

  • Connect to Google Drive through the CMIS feature. The UI for the connection may still need to be …
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libcmis 0.4.0 released

After quite a long time alternating intensive hacking and inactivity, libcmis 0.4.0 is finally out and brings quite a number of great new features. The hightlight of this release is of course the introduction of the Google Drive protocol as a CMIS binding by Cao Cuong Ngo for …

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At SUSE, we recently had a Hackweek. It’s one week for all developers employed by SUSE to hack on any innovative open source project they want. Last years, I worked on libcmis and libcmis-c. And this year, I started implementing a GVFS backend for CMIS using libcmis-c. GVFS is …

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LibreOffice GSoC 2012 wrap-up

GSoC 2012 LogoI know it's already late, but you know how it is for hackers: we are delaying stuffs to continue hacking until we can't delay anymore. It's only a week before Google mentor summit, and the time for a LibreOffice GSoc 2012 wrap-up has come.
This year we had 10 students …

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libcmis 0.3.0 is out

Libcmis 0.3.0 just hatched and will bring a whole lot of change to the way you connect to your ECM. Here is are the cool new features that were added in this version:

  • WebService binding is implemented at the same level than the Atom binding
  • The session factory …
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LibreOffice integration into your ECM

Since already a few weeks I am hacking on getting LibreOffice to integrate as smoothly as possible with ECMs. First Martin Richard and Julien Levesy - students at INSA Lyon - reworked the LibreOffice internal file picker dialog to integrate a places list. After a few more work on it we had …

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