Building a Language Server for Salt States

Salt States

SaltStack is a configuration management software like Ansible or Puppet which allows you to configure your machines via so-called salt states. Salt states are YAML documents with support for Jinja2 templates:

    - name: mysql
    - name: mysql

{% if grains['os_family'] == 'RedHat' %}
    - name …
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System container images

As of today creating libvirt lxc system container root file system is a pain. Docker's fun came with its image sharing idea... why couldn't we do the same for libvirt containers? I will expose here is an attempt at this.

To achieve such a goal we need:

  • container images
  • something …
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SLES, Raspberry PI and GPIO

SUSE Hackweek 15 just finished. This time I wanted to come up with a tool and hardware to control my window shutters. The good thing is that they are already motorized and have wired command. Thus I could easily hack a GPIO-based solution.

Obviously I bought some hardware in advance …

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Media Center with Raspberry Pi

I know there are already tons of media center uses of raspberry pi, so is different with this one? I wanted to replace the old mini CD player by something I could easily hack. Thus my requirements were:

  • a media center able to read audio CDs and DVDs (I know …
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LibreOffice GSoC 2015 wrap-up

This year, I'll manage to write a wrap up post on the Google Summer of Code at LibreOffice. On the 12 students initially selected, 10 hacked on cool things for our favorite office suite.

The completed projects are:

  • Haskell UNO Language Binding from Jorge Mendes

LibreOffice's Universal Network Objects (UNO …

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Easy sandboxed apps

These days, I wanted to build some SUSE documentation, but daps drags quite a few dependencies. Thus I decided to use that occasion to move it to a sandbox. The idea is very similar to what was detailled in my post on containers for GUI apps, but will be made …

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Libvirt container for GUI apps

I recently tried to get the openFATE client working in a container. I know it may sound stupid, but I didn't want to pollute my Gnome machine with KDE libraries (end of troll) and wanted to use this to seriously play with application containers. My constraints were:

  • minimize the duplication …
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Hackweek 11

Last week was hackweek 11 at SUSE. I chose to work on starting an Android client application for libvirt. I know there is already something like this on the Google play, but it's closed source and seems unmaintained... and anyway it helped me dive in Android NDK and native code …

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