Writer headers and footers revisited

I was busy hacking a cool new feature the last weeks... and that I would like to show and will land in LibreOffice Writer 3.5: headers and footers editing has been greatly improved. The history of that feature is pretty simple: it all started with a customer document with …

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GSoC 2011, Community bounding period

I was away when the news has been published by Google, so I'll congratulate all our selected students now.

  • Miklos Vajna: RTF tokenizer for writerfilter (rewrite of the RTF import)
  • Anurag Jain: multi-line editing in the Calc bar
  • Eilidh McAdam: first version of a Visio import filter
  • Matúš Kukan: performance …
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How many frequent contributors to LibreOffice?

As I promised it from the first developers stats I published, I worked on gitdm to extract some metrics to show how many persons are actively contributing to LibreOffice and how many are providing patches and vanishing right after. As usual the tool and not-yet-upstreamed patches to gitdm are located …

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Testing Writer documents rendering

Checking whether documents are looking the same when they are loaded in Writer has been a problem and needs a lot of manual verifications. When discussing with Florian Reuter more than a year ago, I discovered that he wrote a patch to dump the writer layout as an XML file …

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GSoC 2011, apply now!

Considering the quite low amount of proposals already filed on Google Melange for LibreOffice, I'ld like to remind you all that the application period has started on March 28th and will end up on April, 8th... which means very soon! Don't hesitate to spend a nice summer hacking on funny …

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Rounded Pi day story

I discovered yesterday that there was a Pi day... and I happened to have some interesting bug around it fixed today. Rotating the (1,0) vector of a 90 degrees angle didn't provide (0,1) but something really approaching. This tiny error was clearly visible because some borders weren't properly …

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LibreOffice applied for GSoc 2011

Gsoc 2011 logoI just have filed the form for LibreOffice to be part of the next edition of Google Summer or Code. The list of the selected organizations will be out on March 18th. This will be a nice adventure to help us improve our mentoring skill and help students getting introduced …

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